Intercontinental removals

Shipping household goods or goods to the main ports of the world to arrive at the final destination in total safety is possible!

It starts with a technical inspection, essential for estimating the cubic meters to be transferred and for choosing the best shipping method; this is followed by an evaluation of the specific international packaging with the possible creation of personalized and made-to-measure wooden crates directly from our internal carpentry department.

Our staff will make all the experience acquired over the years available to the customer and will follow you step by step in the processing of the mandatory customs procedures accompanied by the documentation to be presented in order to facilitate the process. We are very careful and constantly updated with respect to the internal regulations of the destination countries.

Personalized all risks insurance coverage.


Door to door transport in import/export of large volumes through maritime shipping where everything is loaded and shipped on metal containers of different sizes depending on the volume 20 “-40″ -40” high cube.

Door-to-door transport in import/export of small volumes through sea shipping where everything is loaded and shipped on LCL crates, subsequently positioned inside the containers in a shared space.

Door to door shipments in import/export by air mode suitable for small quantities but with the need to ship and receive in a short time. For this type of shipment, special IATA crates are used which comply with the conditions dictated by the airlines that carry out the transport service.


Our specialists will contact you for details and clarifications. We will be happy to help you find the right product for you.

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